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Evangelism – How to Get Your Children Involved

Candlewood Church recently hosted Summer Evangelism Training (SET) with guest speakers Berk and Barbara Wilson. 


If you missed SET, or would like to rehear a session, you can watch them all on our YouTube channel.


One of the sessions was just for mom’s, presented by Barbara who is a mother of six adult boys. It was such an encouraging talk, and we are so grateful for her time. Whether you have older children or just starting your family, it is worth the listen. She also discusses relationships with husbands, and how we can make that a priority. 


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How to Get Children Involved with Evangelism 


Below is a list of ideas Barbara had made on how to get your children involved with evangelism. 


  • Be intentional
  • Be bold to invite a neighbor or friend into your home
    • Invite the neighbors’ children into your home to play while watching and talking with the mom. Initiate a spiritual conversation by asking how you can pray for her and her family. Share your testimony 
    • Host an ice cream sundae party to get a neighbor family involved in your life. Ask how you can pray for them, and share your testimony
    • Invite neighbors over for a water sprinkler party (the kids play in the sprinkler) Have watermelon afterwards. Initiate prayer and testimony
    • Make Christmas crafts (or host any holiday crafts)
      • Christmas sugar cookies and talk about Christmas
      • Dye Easter eggs, and share about the meaning of Easter
  • Join with other homeschooling moms for a project (art, science, field trip, etc) Initiate pray and testimony
  • Go to the park with the intention of meeting a new mom and sharing with her
    • Pray with children before going that you and they will get to meet someone to share the gospel with
    • Keep praying for them after you leave the park
  • Print up a family testimony tract, and give to the cashier in whatever store you go to
  • If you participate in Halloween, go Tract or Treating – give out tracts at each house 
  • Go Christmas carolling in your neighborhood and hand out Christmas tracts
  • If your children are on a sports team, be intentional about getting to know the parents and sharing the gospel. You might make some really good friends
    • Coach your child’s team and you will have even more influence in the lives of the parents and children
    • If your husband is the coach, be the team mom and organize drinks and snacks. You get to talk with each of the parents and find out which ones are open to the gospel 
  • Make cookies and take to neighbors. Share that you are showing care for the neighbors by making cookies. Then ask how you can pray for them. Initiate your testimony or get together if there is interest. 


The goal is to meet new people, make friends, and enter into a spiritual conversation. Discipline your children to prayer walk, to find people of peace, and to begin a small group with them, your husband, and your new friends. 


Additional Questions


If you have questions about Summer Evangelism Training, evangelism, or anything else, we would love to hear from you. Connect with us here

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