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Embrace the Nations is a Christian, non-profit organization that assists refugees in multiple areas of need and assists the public in better understanding and interacting with these populations. 


For twenty years, this organization has been serving Omaha police, the medical community, public schools and churches through giving orientation training needed for holistic ministry to immigrants and refugees.


Orientation Training at Candlewood Church


At Candlewood Church, we are excited to have an orientation from Embrace the Nations on June 27, 2020 from 9am-11am. To be a volunteer for Embrace the Nations, this orientation is necessary.


  • The first hour of the presentation to Candlewood Church will cover the current situation of fulfilling the Great Commission to reach the unreached, the unengaged, and the very poor.
  • The second hour of the presentation will be orientation of how Embrace the Nations enables churches and volunteers to holistically love and help the immigrants and refugees right here in our city, Omaha, NE. This will include some Q&A and give a clear picture of the variety of ways volunteers can serve. 


Why Should I Attend?


This orientation training will help you:


  • Understand where the Church is at with regard to fulfilling the Great Commission
  • Understand how poverty and our attitudes affect the lost
  • Learn where refugees come from, how they get to the U.S. and what happens once they are here
  • Learn about important cultural differences
  • Learn what Embrace the Nations is doing to reach refugee communities in Omaha
  • Be able to identify different volunteer opportunities in Embrace the Nations
  • Applications and some summary notes will be available at the orientation


Join us at Candlewood Church 5051 F St. on June 27th for this incredible opportunity. Please click the button below to register now. We would love to see you there! 


Register Now



Additional Questions


If you would like to know more about Embrace the Nations, the seminar, or how to volunteer, please contact us at 402.991.5152 or

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