Easter Service Ushers in New Candlewood Era

Candlewood’s Easter service not only celebrated the importance of this holiday—but it also ushered in a new era at Omaha’s Westside High School, and a new look.

The welcome table features free coffee mugs and pens with Candlewood’s imprinted new logo.  The resource and church information table now has modern business cards that represent each of Candlewood’s small group ministries.  And there is signage neatly placed all around the hallway that will help one easily get around.  Another upgrade that Westside High School offers is more space for one to move around if they need time to be alone, to reflect, to make a phone call or text (or Tweet), and so on.  This facility will make one feel more at home than any previous building where Candlewood has ever met in Omaha.

This Sunday, Pastor Rory Whitney gave a powerful message on the most important decision anyone will make on Earth—entering into a relationship with God and the sacrifice that was made to clear the way for us to have this relationship.  Whatever one does with this message will have dramatic implications on their life.

As folks exited the auditorium after the message and got some bagels and coffee, then headed out for traditional Easter Sunday family gatherings, one thing was clearly in line with Westside High’s school mascot:  this place will help Candlewood become God’s Warriors even more.

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