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Jim and Diane Wiebelhaus were the LiNC Omaha Directors of the four week LiNC Omaha program, as well as the Disciple-Making Intensive two day training. The following is Jim’s report for 2024. 


“Go, therefore, and make disciples…” - Matthew 28:19a


Thank You for Your Prayers


We can’t thank you enough for your prayers. We felt God’s power and provision throughout the four weeks. Below is what we had requested our ministry partners to pray for and God answered every one. Our fourteen LiNC students were tremendous!


  • For the seven men who will live with us for 29 days during LiNC
  • For our daughter Valerie and her friend Kara leading five other women in another home during LiNC
  • For boldness, open hearts, and safety for these missionaries
  • For other college and high school students who will go out with our teams at different times during LiNC to have a positive experience
  • Love, courage, and faithfulness to ask for follow-up meetings with interested people we meet – this is a big part of our training – to make disciples who will make disciples!
  • For God’s request to be answered – more workers sent into the harvest.  Luke 10:2


Diane and I have finished the four weeks of disciple making training with fourteen college students who were invested 24/7. Additionally, several other college students, five high schoolers, and six young professionals participated part-time.  


Six days each week we invested our time:

  • Meeting and sharing the gospel with people from all walks of life
  • Teaching them to form groups of new people to lead Discover Jesus Studies
  • Helping them form a disciple making mindset where they are always taking opportunities to train another person to conduct some part of the training


Now all of us will continue to use our missions training to disciple those who made professions of faith in Christ, and we will continue sharing Jesus with those we met who want to know more about Jesus but have not yet made the decision to follow Jesus. 


Praise be to God


  • We engaged in conversation with 427 people
  • We prayed with 291 people
  • We shared the Gospel with 227 people
  • We saw fourteen salvations
  • We baptized two people
  • We have continued meeting with 30 of the 427


Additional Information


Thank you for partnering with us. We love hearing from you. For more information or for prayer requests, please email us at info@lincomaha.com

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