Cray-Cray Love


Let’s be real honest with each other – none of us are perfect spouses. I’m just putting that out there because it’s the truth and if you think you are, check if you left the last piece of your date night’s delectable left-overs for your spouse, you know the ones. This beautiful and intricate thing called marriage that we’re able to experience is crazy awesome, mind-blowing, hard, and can get real in a minute. That’s why so many people, especially of the younger generation, have been attracted to churches where they focus on supporting couples in having an exceptional marriage. Candlewood Church is one of those churches. We love and support couples in a variety of ways: pre-marriage counseling, healthy life groups with our peers, and bi-annual marriage conferences, just to name a few.

If you’ve never been able to experience a marriage conference at Candlewood Church, let me lay it out for you plain and simple: they’re legit. We invite a couple (a pastor and his wife), within our association of churches (the Great Commission Churches), who has been growing in their marriage for a long time and can speak a lot of truth and real life practicals into our lives. You don’t have to have a broken marriage or a perfect marriage to come; it’s one of those experiences that you’ll walk away feeling enriched by. Honestly, you’ll probably see most of the couples in our church at this conference because we, as a whole, value marriage and the sanctity of it. We understand this precious relationship God has given us and how we can continually be growing at becoming a better spouse.

The time is usually filled with teachings, stories of their marriage, and sometimes fun and eye-opening exercises. I remember one of the first marriage conferences I went to. Pastor Pat Sokoll and his wife Cindy had us categorize different areas in their importance to us and then we placed them up on a board with different colored stickers. Most of the women (and my husband) valued “Security” the most and most of the men (and myself) valued “Physical Touch” the most. It gave us all a good chuckle but more importantly, gave me great insight into my marriage as a newlywed.

Now, seven years into our rich marriage, I’m truly thrilled to hear Mark Bowen and his wife Judy, of over 20 years, share their lives and what God has taught them about marriage on March 6-7th  at the Doubletree Hotel in Omaha, NE. I don’t know Mark personally, but I do know that God is carving out a unique time for us all to get away with our spouses to hear from a man who’s been a part of a movement of churches that has a 3% divorce rate (opposed to the 49% national average) and knows that God doesn’t just want us to have “good enough” marriages but GREAT, off-the-wall marriages, or as I call it: Cray-Cray Love.

Due to a family medical situation, Mark and Judi Bowen were no longer able to travel to Omaha to share their “Growing Wiser Marriage Skills” material as originally planned. So, Mark and Kathy Darling will be joining us instead with their “Habits That Build a Healthy Marriage”. Please be praying for the Bowen family.


Cost: $99 including one-night at the Doubletree Hotel and all meals (scholarships available!)

Where: Doubletree Hotel, 7270 Cedar St, Omaha, NE @6:30pm

For more information and to REGISTER: Click Here

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