Countdown: Fall Festival 2015

Autum is here – officially. Before we know it, those green trees will begin to turn shades of yellow, orange, and red. The ground will be soon be covered in leaves. Adults will rake their yards, and children will find it amusing to jump on the piles of leaves. The temperatures will get cooler, and many will trade their short-sleeves for longer ones, scarves wrapped around necks, jackets zipped up.

For Candlewood, the countdown is on to not only celebrate all-things fall, but an opportunity to invite friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, and outreach to our community. In a matter of days, Candlewood Church will hold its annual Fall Festival on Saturday, October 3, 2015.

The Fall Festival has been a yearly tradition at Candlewood for the past decade. And for those years, competitions have been at the core of the event:

  • costume contests, displaying creativity and making us go “Aww” when children walk around in their lion, princess, or superheroes costumes,
  • desserts contests, allowing us to enjoy the delicacy, and
  • dance-offs, testing our dance skills.

Above all, the Fall Festival allows the Candlewood family to come together and display the love of the Savior who changed their lives.

So, join us this Saturday (October 3rd) in either Omaha or Lincoln. We look forward to this year’s event and seeing you there! (Rain date – October 17th.)

Omaha – 26902 West Center Rd | 4-9pm

Food & Drinks, Campfire, Costume Contest, Pumpkin Carving Contest, Games, Bounce Houses

Lincoln – 2640 R. St | 3-7pm

Games, Bounce House, Obstacle Course, Tug of War Tournament, Costume Contest, Dessert Contest, Food & Drinks


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