#Costa Rica 2014


The first few days I was in Guapiles, Costa Rica I had a hard heart. I had been praying about this trip for six months, praying that God would do something with me while I was there. Truth is, I was humbled, watching all of these men and women that I came to serve. They were doing everything they could to serve everyone but themselves, to make the lost feel at home in their own homes, and to genuinely love EVERYONE the way Jesus does. My pride and arrogance stood out in stark contrast to their genuine acts of love and service.

On our trip we played with orphans, cleaned gutters, weeded gardens, handed out invitations to church, painted a house, built a wall, planned a youth meeting, shared testimonies, got rained on, drank a lot of coke, laughed even more, made new friends, embraced old friends, and followed the Lord’s lead wherever He took us.

I was reminded on this trip that God works in many ways. We didn’t see any amazing revival happen while we were there. The only way I could share the Gospel was with my handy Spanish tracks. I had to be okay with being used however God chose to use me, even if it wasn’t anything glorious, even if we never see the fruit of our labor.

I was reminded that God is in the trenches, tending the sick and the wounded that this world has chewed up and spit out, but I also know that one day I will see the fruit of Candlewood investing in the eternal salvations in Guapiles and that makes me so excited for Heaven.  Language is not my common ground with the body of Christ in Guapiles but God is, and in God we all find Salvation.



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