Changing Seasons

The first Thursday evening of the month is always a time I look forward to because it’s the night our church sets aside for Women Connecting with Women (WCWW)- a night to celebrate and enjoy the simple beauty of being a woman. I can’ t help but get excited because I know I’ll get to spend the evening with women of all ages from so many different walks of life while enjoying delicious food, genuine conversations, and an encouraging message.

This month’s WCWW in Omaha – the last before a three month break as our church gears up for our summer schedule – did not disappoint. The tables were decorated with beautiful spring flowers surrounded by encouraging bible verses on note cards that we could take home. The flowers were a perfect reminder that the seasons are changing and the cold dreary months of winter are finally behind us. (Well, at least we hope so…you never know in Nebraska!) The menu for the evening included a variety of homemade quiches, fresh fruits and vegetables, and mouth watering desserts. The topics discussed over dinner were about as random as one could expect in a room full of women! Topics ranged from stories of the week, embarrassing moments, gardening, trials and difficulties, personal victories, items in the news, youtube videos, couponing, and thoughts on Netflix documentaries. It’s impossible for laughter and joy to not permeate every inch of that room.

Dinner was followed by a message that reminded all of us that just as the seasons are going to continue to change outside the seasons of our lives will continue to change as well. The message this month, titled “Dynamic Women of Candlewood,” featured five women from five different seasons of life. These women provided insight on the blessings and struggles that come with life in college, life after college, life as a new mother, life as a mother of five, and life with an empty nest. Each woman, in their own words, expressed how grateful they are that they don’t have to go through this life alone- that they have a church they can lean on and a God that will never leave them.

And forty-five miles southwest in Lincoln, “Spring” was the theme of the night. A variety of chicken salad sandwiches, pasta salads, and May Day baskets awaited the women. The night concluded with prayer. The first year of Women Connecting with Women in Lincoln was completed.

Although, the next few months bring a change in Candlewood’s schedule, September is right around the corner and WCWW will faithfully start up again. Mark your calendars for September 4th and join me for an evening that will leave you stuffed, encouraged, and refreshed!

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