Candlewood Kids. What You Need to Know.

At Candlewood Church, we are excited to announce that Candlewood Kids will start again the first Sunday in February, February 7, 2021. 


Candlewood Kids is our Children’s Ministry – a safe, caring, and fun environment for children 12 and under. We believe that Sunday School plays a large role in building and encouraging your child’s spiritual journey and in developing a rich relationship with Christ. 


What to Expect 


Sunday School will look a little different given the current state of COVID-19. We are thankful that we have the opportunity to begin Sunday School classes again. For the time being, we will start by offering two classes. 


  • We will offer a class for four year olds only, during the 9am service. 
  • We will also offer a large group Sunday School class for five to 12 year olds (and their families), which will be held in the multipurpose room five minutes after the conclusion of the 9am service. The class will be approximately 25 minutes long, where we will discuss a topic and do a related activity to the lesson. Since this class is offered after the 9am service, we would love parents to participate and join in. This is a great opportunity to meet other parents, and it can equip you with great talking points during the week to discuss with your child(ren).


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New Curriculum


In February 2021, we will begin Little Pilgrims Theology. Little Pilgrims Theology is a powerful and engaging educational source for learners of all ages who seek to grow in understanding of the Christian faith. Both children and adults can dig deeper into the Christian faith with provided insightful videos, quizzes, and supplemental resources that present rich theological truths! 


This curriculum is all about furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to scripture alone. It is not meant to replace the Bible but to be a supplement to the instruction of the Bible. The goal is to simply put a trustworthy resource, that rightly handles the word of truth, in the hands of parents, educators, and learners. 


Little Pilgrims Theology is also mobile friendly, so you can have access to talking points and lessons at your fingertips. At Candlewood Church, we can sign you up for the app during Sunday School. 



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Get Involved! Sign Ups Necessary


Whether you are an individual wanting to sign up to volunteer, or a parent planning on putting your child(ren) in Sunday School, we are asking you to please sign up online, so we know how many to expect. 


If you are a parent of a four year old, we would like you to please volunteer to help teach. Curriculum is provided, and this is a great way for you to be involved in helping shape your child’s relationship with God, to see what they are learning, to be a positive role model by sharing the Gospel, Biblical truths and leading a classroom. Please sign up to participate and/or volunteer here. 


  • Register Here for the five – 12 year old class. You can sign up your child(ren) and/or sign up to volunteer.
  • Register Here for the four year old class. Again, can sign up your child(ren) and/or volunteer.



Additional Questions


If you have any questions about Candlewood Kids, please feel free to connect with Candlewood Church here, visit the Connect Table, or speak to an Usher on Sunday morning. We hope you choose to join us this Sunday and have your child(ren) attend one of the available Sunday School classes. 

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