Candlewood Kids Kickball Tournament


Sunday, September 7th marked the day of many firsts for Candlewood Kids. Forty excited kiddos and a handful of enthusiastic adults joined together to participate in the first annual Candlewood Kids Kickball Tournament. For many kids it was their first time learning the rules of kickball, for others it was their first time scoring a run, and for some it was the first day of a new friendship.

As families started to trickle into Halleck Park in Papillion, the kids were asked to sign up and estimate their level of kickball expertise. Levels of expertise ranged from beginning levels of uncertainty with shoulder shrugs to more confident levels of certainty with statements like “expert” and “ninja pro.”

The number of individuals that signed up allowed four dynamic teams to be created. Once the team rosters were announced, it didn’t take long for team names to be explored. Team names included Candlewood Believers and the Candlewood Crocs.

As the games went on, the energy increased and so did the noise! The simple joys of teamwork, working hard, good sportsmanship, and healthy competitiveness filled the air of Halleck Park.

After the epic games of intense kickball came to a close, everyone came back together to enjoy conversation and a potluck meal. Hotdogs, chips, salads, and desserts were among the menu options.

Even in the midst of all the noise and craziness, there was a sense of peace to the entire evening that left everyone who participated encouraged and refreshed. After all, kickball is just a game.


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