Building Together: An Update

Nearly two months have passed since the official kick-off of the Building Together Campaign on April 3rd. We prayed to give God all the glory, for the campaign, for the community of believers, for outreach, and for our hearts to be moved by generosity, all leading to Commitment Sunday on May 1st where Candlewood Church pledged to give to the campaign, outside regular tithes, for the next three years. We listened to stories of how God used Candlewood to impact lives, brought families closer, and how the people of Candlewood have strived to show the love of Christ. We rejoiced on Celebration Sunday and looked back at how God moved in our hearts to become more generous with our time, resources, and money.

It is now June; the grass is greener; the days are warmer; and the sun shines brighter, and we, as a church, are one step closer to expanding our territory for an even greater impact, beginning permanency in our communities in both Omaha and Lincoln to help people get closer to God with the Gospel, to help us to better meet the needs of families, to strengthen our ministries, and to provide opportunities for new ministries that serve people. We praise God for how He grew each of us in our faith, and how He is writing the upcoming chapters for our locations.

Many of you took tremendous steps of faith and made sacrifices to contribute to the campaign. For this, we thank you.

In Omaha, $689,895 was the total amount through 91 pledges. Such generosity has allowed the Omaha church to sign a contract for the property at 5051 F Street. Inspection of the building has been completed. Please pray for the next steps of the purchase, including financing and hiring an architect and engineering firm to prepare the building for it to be a church.

In Lincoln, 58 pledges led to a total of $320,040 to be raised within the next three years. We are still working towards and praying for the purchase of the current building at 27th and R Streets. The Methodist board, who owns the facility, meets today, June 2nd, to determine if they will agree to our proposal of purchasing the building for $700,000. Please pray for the meeting, and then if agreed, for financing needed by November 17th.

Again, THANK YOU to all who participated.

There’s still time to be a part of the Building Together Campaign, and we invite those who did not have the opportunity to do so, to join us as we take part in what God is doing in our cities through Candlewood.


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