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Building Together 2.1 Pledge Update 

As Candlewood Church has grown and as we have reached out into our community, we now have more people than we have space. One of our greatest needs is additional space. Expanding our building for the future is the next step in our plan to be difference makers in our city. 


Be A Difference Maker for The Future 


There are times when an opportunity arises to make a difference for the future. Today, you have the opportunity to make a difference for your church home, ministries you are passionate about and people in your community who need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Committing to be a difference maker for the future, you will make a powerful impact not only for you, your sons and daughters, the people of Candlewood Church and the building, but to the people of our city and surrounding areas as well as the future generations to come! 


Where We Are At


building together 2.1 update

How You Can Help 


As we continue the Building Together 2.1 campaign, we ask you to first continue praying. Second, prayerfully consider exhibiting sacrificial generosity by financially supporting the Building Together 2.1 campaign. If you are interested in being a difference maker for the future, by updating your pledge or to make a first time pledge, please contact


Pledge Instructions


Thank you for pledging to the Building Together 2.1 campaign. Your pledge helps us plan ahead and your future contributions will ensure we reach our collective goal.



To view your progress on your pledge, visit the Church Center website or app. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner. Select My Giving and then Pledges.




Additional Questions


If you have additional questions on the Building Together 2.1 campaign, pledges, or how to use Church Center, please contact

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