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Building Together 2.0 at Candlewood Church

Twenty-five years ago Candlewood Church began with four families who moved to Omaha, NE with a prayer of seeing God accomplish more than they could have ever dreamed of or hoped for. Over the course of these past years, Candlewood Church has witnessed hundreds of people’s lives forever changed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 



As we have grown and as we have reached out into our community, we now have more people than we have space. One of our greatest needs is additional space. Expanding our building for the future, through a three year campaign aimed at raising the faith and the funds, is the next step in our plan to be difference makers in our city. 


We Exist to be Difference Makers



We are so thankful for how God has been using Candlewood Church to be difference makers like with the lives of the Scalises, the Mahi’s and the Savin’s. We need your help, so we can continue to be difference makers in our church and in our city for the future. 


How You Can Help 


As we begin the three year campaign, Building Together 2.0, we ask you to first please pray. Second, we will not be able to accomplish this task if we do not, in faith, exhibit sacrificial generosity by financially supporting the Building Together 2.0 campaign. If you are interested in being a difference maker for the future, please view the pledge card here and submit it on our Pledge Sundays.


Additional Information about Building Together 2.0


If you would like more information on Building Together 2.0, please view our detailed brochure here. If you have any further questions, please contact us at

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