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BridgeBuilders Network Conference on “Partnership” 2021

July 23, 8:30-10:00pm CST

            which is

July 24, 9:30-11:00am Singapore time


Please pray for the BridgeBuilders Network conference!  Please prayerfully consider whether you or any of your friends would benefit from joining others in a greater level of partnership for ISMs, International Student Ministries.  Partnership includes monthly prayer groups, recommended books, podcasts, speakers, conferences, interns, part and full time ISM workers, etc.  We will work together to share workers and resources and together we will work to help Christians around the world to know of the strategic value of ISM’s among the 5.3 Million international students in the world. 


Did you know that Malaysia now has 177 Thousand International students?  The U.S. has one million.  The number of International students in the world has grown by four million over the last twenty years and is still growing.


Over half of these students come from the most difficult to reach people groups in the world. But in many places Christians are unaware of this harvest field or don’t know what to do.   We have seen God use multi-national teams to accomplish a great work.  As you know, many of these International students will be the world’s business, educational and government leaders of tomorrow.


I’m inviting you because your partnership is needed.  Also, you may have family or friends who would benefit if they knew about this network.  Or, maybe you are near a college campus would like to be involved in an ISM at some level.  Please pass this to any Christian friend you think would be interested in knowing about BBN, BridgeBuilders Network.


If you are interested in being part of the conference, please register here and view schedule here. For any questions, please contact Jim Wiebelhaus, ISM & Missions Catalyst at

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