Bridge Builders | 2015 

Bridge Builders: 2015 ISM & Asia Missions Conference at Grace University – Omaha, NE | Sunday, May 24, 2015 | Photo by Ching Yu W.

Do more than you think you can do. Take on more than you think you can take on.”

Those words, spoken by Mike Keator at the Bridge Builders Conference, an annual conference that Candlewood Church has hosted for the past few years in Omaha, struck a chord with my heart. I had been spending a lot of time worrying about my future, particularly the number of credit hours and part time jobs that I will be taking on in the fall, and I was wondering whether or not it would be possible for this particular human. I was worried about whether I was pursuing the right things in school, and worried about what God might have in store for me in the future, especially as it pertained to international, cross-cultural and mission-oriented ministry, the focus of the conference.

Instead of choosing to relax and trust that God was taking care of me, I was choosing to worry, and instead of being willing to do whatever God asked of me, I was allowing myself to make fearful reservations. God used this conference, though, to help re-orient my thinking and give me confidence and excitement in the year ahead.

While this is one thing that God impacted my life with at the Bridge Builders Conference, there’s obviously a lot more to the conference. It’s only a few days long, but the teachings, round table discussion groups, music and conversations are good for the mind and heart. It helps increase your heart for the gospel, your love for all people everywhere, including your American neighbors, and your vision for how God might want to use your life to help revolutionize the world.


This conference is meant for everyone, even if you’re not involved in international student ministry or have never been on a mission trip, because its focus is really about finding out what God is focused on and applying it to your life. You don’t know the meaning of adventure, risk, faith, peace or security if you’re not living the mission that God has given to every Christian on this planet. I encourage you to check out this conference someday, perhaps next year, and hear from speakers who want to help you see the heart of God and experience Christ.

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