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There was much excitement at Candlewood-Lincoln this January. From baptisms to baby dedications to a pastor’s social, it was a reminder that God has been at work in the lives of many.

Baptisms | January 11, 2015
Dapeng came from China to continue his research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in orthodontics. In his country, science, not God, is mainly what the people rely on. His mom, however, a Christian, prayed for him often. It was in Lincoln, where he met a group of Christians from Candlewood, that he began to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The more he came to know about Jesus, the more his excitement grew. He couldn’t wait to be baptized. Dapeng, after months of anticipation, was finally able to express his new faith on this Sunday.

Melissa grew up in a Christian home in Pennsylvania because her parents became believers at a young age and met in a church. Though Melissa was introduced to the Gospel at a young age, and she became a Christian, she was driven more by academics. Academic achievement was her priority. And yet, after years of academic success, something was missing – spiritual growth. She came to Lincoln in the fall of 2014 to continue her education towards a master’s in music. At orientation for graduate students, Melissa met a fellow grad student who happened to go to Candlewood. She was re-introduced to the faith she always had, but one that needed to grow. And on this Sunday, in front of 127 people in attendance, Melissa publicly declared that she had placed her faith first.

Baby Dedications | January 25, 2015
Little Knox Whitney sported a tie. Young Mack Unger flailed a piece of paper that he grabbed out his dad’s grasp. Neal Yang let out a yell of excitement. Ethan Kramer rested his chin on his dad’s shoulder. The four young kiddos, along with Knox’s seventh month old brother and Ethan’s baby brother, were dedicated to the Lord by their parents. Twice a year, Candlewood sets aside a time for parents with children to publicly profess that they are choosing to raise their children up in the ways of the Lord. And five families, out of love and commitment, decided to do just that, to teach their children about the love and grace of God with the hope that they, too, will love God just as much as they do.

Pastor’s Social | 1.25.15
The Pastor’s Social was an opportunity for people who had chosen to make Candlewood their church to get to know more about the history of Candlewood, its association, and its pastors. If they felt led to officially become members of the church, they were welcomed to do so. After Sunday’s service, 18 individuals made their way to an upstairs room for an hour luncheon. Among them was Kirsten Luebker, who came to Candlewood in October of last year.

Today, I officially became a member of Candlewood Church. I couldn’t be more excited to have taken this new step in my life, and in the company of such wonderful people that have taken me in these past couple months.”
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