Baby Dedications


To the general public, May 11th signified Mother’s Day – a day to celebrate all of the amazing women that are known as mothers.  For two mothers of Candlewood Church, May 11th meant so much more. It was a day to celebrate the dedications of their new babies to the Lord.

Candlewood Church offers two services throughout the year that are set aside for baby dedications – one in the spring and one in the fall. At these services, parents with newborns are invited on stage to publicly profess that they are choosing to raise their children up in the ways of the Lord.

This Sunday, Melissa and Chad Abresch dedicated their baby girl, Isla Finn, and Jenn and Tom Potter dedicated their baby girl, May Ellie. After these couples publicly professed their commitment, the pastors of Candlewood came together to pray for these couples, their newborns, and their families.

When Melissa was asked why she and Chad had decided to dedicate Isla Finn, she responded, “Whether on a stage or in our hearts, Chad and I dedicate all of our children to the Lord. We saw this as an honor and an act of obedience, like baptism or communion. It shows our love and commitment to God and our hope for the same in our children.”

When Jenn was asked why she and Tom had decided to dedicate May Ellie, she stated, “We wanted to thank God for the gift of a child that he has given to us. Also, we wanted to publicly show that we are committing to raising her in a Godly manner.”

And although it can go without saying, Jenn confirmed that it was “extra special to dedicate her on the same day as Mother’s Day.”

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