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Asia Update – Praises and Prayer Requests

It is with great excitement that Moh Yin has written a letter with encouraging reports on the work in Asia, a work Candlewood Church has invested heavily over the last six years. 


Please read her letter below with some of the fruit your prayers and gifts have continued to produce, as well as some specific prayer requests for Asia.


Asia Update – A Letter From Moh Yin


Dear Friends, 

Just thought it’s time to update you what has been going on in Asia and in my life since the pandemic. A great news is baby Jonathan born safely in February during the virus peak period, to the Triebels, a young cross-cultural couple in our fellowship. He weighed 7.3 lbs at birth, is a healthy and easy baby who already sleeps through the night. 


My dad has been recovering well from his minor stroke, fully regained mobility to the point of driving, but has moderate hearing loss that he hopes to regain given some time for the cells to grow back. 


Lane, the nursing mom of a one-year-old has returned to town with her family since the virus was contained in May. It was a relief for a while until she and her husband found out they are pregnant again. Her unbelieving husband was pressuring her to abort their second child due to financial concerns. She resisted and that aggravated their unequally-yoked marriage. Severe morning sickness, husband’s neglect, and financial stress seem to be driving her to depression. I pray earnestly for her family everyday, and try to be a consistent support. What I can do from afar is limited, but I have been in awe of our omniscient and omnipotent Father who has alleviated one terrible threat after another! 


Despite some hardship, there are several very encouraging reports from the younger brothers and sisters in our fellowship. Hansen who visited home in Pakistan and has been restrained there due to the international travel restrictions, started a small group teaching English through bible stories to the precious Muslim children. Nonetheless, he is discouraged by the hostile atmosphere in his country towards Christians. 


James and Marina, who graduated this semester, try to find a job nearby to stay with our fellowship. We are thankful that God has already provided a good job for Marina, and still praying for James’. He is passionate about sharing the gospel and already led his whole family to Christ! He has been offered a job elsewhere but desires to stay with us, which is also our desire. Jing, another sister, has been experiencing a lot of healings from her broken family upbringing, and sharing many testimonies of how God has changed her. Frank got saved a few months ago while we have only been fellowshipping online and through phone calls! And he is already showing some pastoral qualities and getting trained together with a few other men to help lead our fellowship. Frank has been with us for about five years and always interested in spiritual discussions, a deep thinker with a philosophical mind whom we thought may take a long time to fully accept the gospel. Yet, God surprised us with a wonderful harvest in the unlikely time! Actually, all the regular members of our fellowship have been staying with us amidst the distance and less personal interactions. I credit this to God’s miracle that we haven’t lost anyone He has given us (Jh 6:39). 


About myself, the university informed me in May that they are closing the American program that I have been teaching and therefore will not renew my contract and work visa. I was startled at first, and almost immediately began looking for a new job. God gave me a lot of peace right away, and I didn’t waste much time searching or worrying. Because the circumstances were very uncertain, I felt it would be good to wait until God gives more clarity before I update you about the changes. Now, I have two job offers. One is tentative, teaching English in a vocational college across the street from the university I worked previously, but it is contingent on whether the college can successfully apply for a new visa for me by September, while the country imposes entry restrictions. Another is confirmed, a temporary consultancy for UNICEF to refine and test the evaluation survey of residential care quality for children in the child welfare system of Malaysia. 


Thank you for your care and support all these years. Covet your prayers for the following: 

  • My dad’s further recovery and his salvation 
  • Lane’s emotional, spiritual and physical health, for her ten-week-old baby in the womb to be safe, and for her husband to develop a reverence for God 
  • Hassan be encouraged by the Lord in personal ways, and for the children he is reaching out to understand and receive the gospel 
  • James finds a job nearby so that he can stay and help lead our fellowship 
  • New leaders raised up who will carry the baton to multiply the Kingdom 
  • Continuous protection for our fellowship to be united and lose no one, and even gain some 
  • New visas for our pastor and other leaders to return and add momentum to the work 


Warmly in Christ, 

Moh Yin 


P.S. I have been prompted to write devotionals on some remarkable lessons our Father has been teaching me, and will be glad to share if you let me know you are interested to read them. 


Additional Information


If you would like additional information about the work going on in Asisa, please connect with Candlewood Church. Thank you for your continued support and prayers for Asia. 

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