An Evening At The Improv

November 19, 2014  | The morning starts the same as any other Wednesday throughout the year. Students from the Rock had class, work, and a variety of other activities, but this Wednesday was different from the rest. This Wednesday, the Rock was not in its normal home of the Thompson Alumni Center. This Wednesday, the Rock was not at its normal time of 6:30pm. This Wednesday, the Rock partnered with an RA on south campus to bring the UNO campus a little bit more joy than usual with a night of comedy improv.

Evengard Improv is an improv group that travels around the Midwest putting on shows with their Blitzkrieg improvisation style -planning mini improv games just like the show “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?.” They have a strong focus on crowd participation and getting everyone involved. The event was able to draw a large crowd to come out and attend. Many of the Rock lifegroups went out and invited friends, neighbors, and coworkers to attend.

Scattered throughout the room were various different activities. There were carnival style games, snacks, and even a photo booth available to get pictures taken. But the gospel wasn’t lost on the night. There was a table by the entrance with Rock cards, personal faith stories, and some Rock staffers telling people about the Rock and sharing the gospel with anyone that was curious and asking questions.


Having a fun activity to attend really created a positive event to invite people to that have previously been turned off by the thought of attending a church type event. By having this event a lot of people who have turned down invitations in the past were willing to come out and meet other people. This built even more friendships and helped build more connections between people who previously may have only known one or two people.

The opportunities and conversations that ensued as a result of the night have proved to be an invaluable tool in building relationships, growing friendships, and ultimately helping to lead others to the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Many of the people who came to Improv Night have continued coming to the Rock. And it all started with a fun night of Improv.

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