American Family Dinners – Take Two


Candlewood families graciously opened their homes to international students once again this spring. In March, 14 students from 10 different countries participated in the event. A big thank you to the 7 families who opened their homes and cooked delicious food for these students. It was great to see the families of Candlewood offer to help in such a neat event. In fact, so many families offered that I had to turn some away!

These dinners proved to be a success as many of the students later shared their gratitude with me. One student from Poland remarked that she felt like she was visiting an old time family friend. Many others gave a sincere thank you and were grateful to be able to experience this part of American culture.

We have a unique opportunity to welcome the nations that come to our front door, who live just right down the street. Most come with a great desire to experience American culture. However, many leave having only experienced a tiny fraction of it. That tiny fraction is generally the college dorm life experience at best.

Thank you, Candlewood families for showing them something different, something more. Thank you, Candlewood Rock students and Candlewood Young Professionals for making it possible by providing transportation to and from the homes. Thank you for sharing the love of Jesus with the nations around you.


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