Because We Are Moving

Over 14,000 fliers were dispersed by the Candlewood Church family during the last couple weekends. We want people to know that our service has moved to a new time and location. Starting April 20, we will meet Sunday mornings at 9:30am in the Westside High School auditorium and everyone is invited. Many people are never invited to church in their life, and there are always those Seeking Comfort In God. They are usually right, in that it helps them and they benefit from the teachings and being part of a community. To this effect, we use the door hangers to let them know they are definitely welcome.

As a kid, I wondered who the people were that put flyers, pamphlets, and brochures in our front door while my family was away. Now I know that they were people kind of like me.  They wanted to see something happen in their business, community, or club. For me, I went to Saturday’s flyer drop because I want something for the people who received them.  I want them to know there is a genuine group of people seeking God.

I’ve been part of multiple flyer hanging initiatives with Candlewood Church over the last few years. It’s always interesting. I feel like I’ve gotten to know Omaha in an intimate way that most people don’t. I’ve discovered hidden parks, angry dogs, kind people, nice dogs, funny signs and started some close friendships walking around putting flyers on doors.

I like to ask the first timers if they’d have guessed a year ago that they would do something like canvasing a neighborhood’s front doors with invites. I’ve always gotten answers similar to the thoughts I had my first day walking up and down front steps, I wouldn’t have remotely imagined doing it. For me and others at Candlewood, we would gladly give more Saturdays because we know God can use those flyers as the starting point for changing lives.

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