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A practice I had years ago, before all the changes that have occurred (our church plant to Lincoln along with our Building Together Campaign), was to write a note to the church with a verse, a thought along with reminders of upcoming events. With everyone’s permission here goes,  


A note from the pastor: 


Psalm 105:19 “Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character.” 


As I was thinking about Joseph’s life and the many tests and trials that he endured and how through it all God had a plan. The plan was the molding of Joseph’s character. Throughout our lives many challenges will arrive in one’s life, how is it that God wants us to respond? God wants us to be honest, transparent, vulnerable and yet anchored to the One who will see us through it all. God does not fear our questions and He’s not surprised at our emotions, but what He is, is sovereign in our circumstances. Joseph was a man that in the midst of the pain kept his eyes on God. Joseph’s character was a priority of God and so with us. When we all come to the end of our life, what is it that people will say, what is it that people will remember? It will be our character.   


Building Together, 

Rory Whitney, Candlewood Church Pastor 


Upcoming Events 

  • Thursday, Nov 7 – Hospitality Thursday (invite someone over for dinner) 
  • Friday, Nov 8- Ladies night at Candlewood 7:00 pm
  • Saturday, Nov 9- Ministry/Production Ldrs. mtg 9:30 am
  • Sunday, Nov 10- Baby Dedication (contact a pastor)
  • Sunday, Nov 24- Operation Christmas Child Collection Day (only 28 boxes left out of 750) Incredible job Candlewood! 


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