A Month in Nepal

I’ve been asked, “What it is like to be a young, single woman as a missionary in a 3rd world nation?” From my experience, it was like being a princess. My fair skin and “golden” hair was the ticket into the kingdom. My appearance opened the doors to share the Gospel with hundreds of people who have never heard it before. I was invited into dozen of homes. People were always wanting to take care of me. Women fed me amazing Nepali food and called me their daughter. Children followed me through the country streets asking to hear another story, receive a hug, or even touch my hair.

However, the most amazing part of my month in Nepal was how the Lord answered my prayer for Nepal. As my translator and I hit the streets, we began each day with a prayer walk. We prayed for new believers, and for God to lead us on our way. God was faithful day after day to answer. From my first day until my last, we started new discover groups and we witnessed eight people become believers of Jesus Christ. These new believers were people who came up to us and started a conversation. Their hearts were ready and with joy they accepted.

It is important to understand that my experience as a Western missionary is very different from that of the Nepali Christians. I walked the streets of Nepal as a beloved princess and they walk the same streets as a traitor to their country. The life of our Nepali brothers and sisters is pretty similar to what we read in Acts. My first night in Nepal, our beautiful Nepali sisters, who are not much more than 100 pounds, shared with me their stories of going out to share Jesus in nearby villages. One sister told me about a time when an angry Hindu woman came and beat them, so they fled from that place and moved on to the next.

On my 3rd day, I saw the spiritual battle we were fighting against in Nepal. My translator and I were sharing to a group when a man with a fire tone interrupted us. He spoke sternly to my translator. He was saying that because she is a Christian she is no longer Nepali, and she has betrayed her country. Later that day, we walked down the main road, and I felt my translator’s hand clench around mine as a large number of men and women marched past us. They had red flags, a huge banner, and would chant that Nepal needs to be a Hindu nation. In that moment, we both simply prayed.

I was amazed at how nothing seemed to stop them from preaching the Gospel. I was amazed by the faith the Nepali Christians have and their devotion to God. I realized I have never had to face persecution for my faith. In America, I may come across opposition, but I have never been persecuted. For our brothers and sisters in Nepal, persecution is a daily risk they take, yet they do not let the fear of man keep them from reaching Nepal with the Gospel.

I greatly miss my life in Nepal. I keep in contact with my friends from Nepal, and my heart dances with joy every time I have a new email from them. I have been struggling to find my purpose here in America. The Lord was very gracious and blessed me with a full-time job when I came back. After I graduated college, I began to pray, “Lord lead along the paths that you have planned for me. I want to live out the dreams you have dreamed for me.” This prayer is still the pleading of my heart. I know the Lord has a plan and a purpose for my time here in America, and I am asking him to lead me to those paths.

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