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Candlewood Church is a non-denominational, Bible-based, Christian church in Omaha, NE. As devoted followers of Jesus Christ, we believe, live out, and share the Gospel. We strive to display Christ in all we do and build healthy families. Below are four parenting choices that you can make as faith-filled parents.


1. Choose to Connect with Your Kids


Is your family life hard? Do you ever wish if only your kid did this or listened better or didn’t do that? Would it be easier if you had a different family? Well, you don’t need a different family! You need more of Christ in your family, and you can help bring that about. God has given you your family for a reason. 


Being the light of Jesus, a positive influence, in your children’s life comes down to unconditionally loving your kids, caring for your kids, connecting with your kids and helping them become the best they can be, while pointing them to Him, and helping them become more like Him. Do not ever give up on them, and do not ever fail to be there for them when they need you the most! Everyday, you can choose to be someone your kids want to follow. When you lead them with the characteristics of Christ, you will see an increase in good behavior such as their willingness to listen and obey as well as their loyalty and commitment to you and each other.


As a loving parent, take the time to invest in your relationship with your children to help them improve and grow. Listen to them and process what they say to help make decisions that are in the best interest of the whole family when applicable. 


It’s a good habit to:


  • Shout Praise - recognize you kid’s good behavior in front of the whole family  
  • Whisper Criticism - coach them one on one to get better, to have better behavior  


When your spouse gets home or walks into the room, instead of spouting out everything that went wrong, be the kind of communicator who shouts praise about what your kids did right! We all love being with people who bring out the best in us. We love being around people who uplift us and make us feel great. Kids are no exceptions.  


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2. Don’t Ignore Negativity 


Ignoring negativity within your family is one the biggest mistakes you can make as a parent. If there is yelling, arguing, jealousy, sibling rivalry, hitting, lying, disobeying, neglect and so on in your family’s life, you must address it and transform it. 


By the power of the Holy Spirit living in you, your ability to live by the fruits of the Spirit must be greater than all the negativity and sin around you. When addressing these shortcomings: 

  1. Take your family member aside in private
  2. Listen with empathy and love
  3. Try to understand
  4. Transform it through seeking repentance and restoration through prayer and relying on the power of God’s Spirit and grace 


If you are choosing sin, you are not being a godly leader. Allowing sin and negativity to infect your family causes you to be stuck instead being in God’s will and moving forward towards your vision.


3. Be Optimistic, Why?


Optimism, faith and believing in your God given purpose fuels you to keep moving forward. Even if you are not naturally optimistic, you can cultivate it by

  • Choosing Joy
  • Repenting 
  • Praising God and Thanking God for Answered Prayers 
  • Having a Thankful Heart
  • Lifting Prayer Requests to God 
  • Praying for and with your Spouse
  • Praying for and with your Kids
  • Praying with Other Believers 
  • Reading and Meditating on the Bible 
  • Having Family Devotions 
  • Being part of a Church Family 
  • Getting Plugged into a Small Group for Encouragement  


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4. Know Your Higher Calling


Christ calls us to a higher mission than to find comfort and tranquility in this temporary life. Inspire your family to have a vision for their life and to be on a mission. Let them know why your family exists and why they matter. 


When you decide to be a faith-filled parent, it will not only change your life for the better but will positively impact everyone around. The seeds you plant today while your kids are young will become the harvest you will enjoy at the proper time. 


Let us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. 

- Galatians 6:9 


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Join Us at The Parenting Conference 


Building healthy families is one of our Core Values. Need more parenting encouragement and guidance? Candlewood Church is excited to host a Parenting Conference on March 24-25, 2023. Register for the Parenting Conference today! Childcare is available for ages 1-4. If you are interested in childcare during the Parenting Conference, please register for childcare here.


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If you have any questions about parenting, would like a pastor to pray for you or are looking for a church home, please connect with Candlewood Church today. 

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