Stories from the Fall Semester

The following are stories from students who first came to The Rock this past fall. These are stories of how The Rock, Small Group, and Faithwalkers impacted their lives.

James: A random guy tapped me on the shoulder. He started talking to me, and my dad asked him to give me advice. In the middle of what he was saying, in line while I was checking in at Scott Campus, he randomly asked me if I was religious. He invited me to The Rock after I said yes. He invited me to go play volleyball, and that was my first experience with the Rock.

Savannah: I found out about The Rock by a blue man introducing himself to me. He was very kind. The next time we met, he wasn’t blue. He started talking to me and invited me to The Rock. God has really used The Rock to transform me in ways that I didn’t think was possible. When I first started going, I was trying to balance two churches, and it wasn’t working. I would always run late to The Rock and pray to get something encouraging out of it. There was one night when I was super late that I came in during the beginning of the teaching. That night, Rory was talking about the true trademarks of being a Christian. It really spoke to me because I’ve never heard of something like that. I always grew up knowing about God, knowing whom he is, and how Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins. But knowing is not enough. There is a key aspect of believing in your heart, and doing what he says. That was very foreign to me. During one of the songs, I accepted Jesus into my heart and truly believed in him, and it changed my life forever. This was October 27, 2016.

Kaytlin: The Rock and Small Group have provided me a group of genuine Christian friends who have built my faith and my walk with God. It encouraged my prayer life, and my confidence in my faith. I know that I can trust them and everybody in The Rock. They have shown me what true Christians look like. They have characteristics of true lovers and followers of Jesus. I can laugh with them. All the while, growing my relationship with God and with each other.

Kiandra: I was listening to Payton and one of the brothers share the Gospel at Old Chicago. On the way home, Payton was asking me these questions about why I haven’t accepted Christ yet. Talking to her made me ask myself why I hadn’t accepted him yet. When I reflected, I looked at everything that I learned in The Rock and what it meant to me. That night, on November 17, 2016, I accepted Christ. The Rock has impacted my life, changing my life for the better from the beginning of the semester to the end of the year. One night, we went to the Whitneys for dinner. Being able to talk to Rory and Kathryn was nice. Kathryn was very encouraging. It was another big step to me being saved with her story relating to mind. It made me think more on why I was putting Christ off. She has been an impact on my life. She treats us like her own kids. She shows her love for us, for Rory, and for the whole church. She has been another impact because I can go to her whenever I need help or anything. The Rock has just been good. The people are amazing. You learn a lot. You get a deeper thought into the verses. You can learn how to apply them to your life. The Rock has been great!

Katie: At Faithwalkers, I learned that God is good, and that he has good things for us. We need to be focused and not distracted by the world. The Lord gave me a little bit of revelation for something I have been struggling with for a long time. I have been praying about something my whole life. I wasn’t sure if the Lord had it for me. I was hiding it from Him because I was scared to tell him what I wanted. He said, “I know you want that for your life.” That really helped me to trust him. This was a huge moment because it was something that I have been doubting. He taught me a lot about trust, and him proving that he is faithful.

The Rock returns this semester

Every Wednesday at 8:00pm
Thompson Center
University of Nebraska-Omaha

Every Tuesday at 7:00pm
Candlewood Church Building
2640 R St Lincoln NE
(5 mins from UNL)


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