#LTcommUNITY – The Week Before the Last

I don’t really know how to explain this week in words. Challenging? Exciting? Breathtaking?

Rick Whitney spoke about loyalty in community. He said that everyone wants to be involved in something bigger than himself. However, this can be a very challenging thing. Most of us are not going to see the way we impacted the world until the day we walk into heaven.

Whitney said, “We must seek a way to fight small evils.” Stop. Think Zach. What are small evils in your life that you are not taking seriously? Is it my attitude? My will power? The way I interact with those around me?

Whitney also said that the way to energize our life is to declare ourselves and plant our flag and build ourselves around a mission with likeminded people that are willing to fight the battle with us.

On Tuesday, Ben Lennander spoke to us about meditating over the scriptures. Lennander spoke about really digging deep into the scriptures and gave us a bookmark with these words written on it: write, pray, repeat, react, ruminate, and realize. It was immediately applicable.

I started reading the book of Isaiah the next day and started using this plan. I was going one chapter at a time. God has spoken directly to my heart so much in this past week. He’s brought me comfort in times that could bring a lot of pain. He has spoken to me in ways to shift my focus back onto Him, which so many pastors have spoken about this summer.

This past Sunday, Candlewood-Omaha entered into our new building for the first time. We prayed for God to use us and to turn this building into a place of hope. We dedicated the church to the Lord, and it was awesome to think God can answer prayer so quickly.

It’s shocking to see how fast this summer has flown by. This week is our last week of LT, and Rory Whitney will be speaking to us. It’s going to be a blast, encouraging, challenging, and a lot more!

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